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Saturday 23rd Sept 2017.

As we are staying with Lukey and Jo and their family, it is not worth doing a daily update, so I wont be updating the website until we are staying back in our fiver. We are booked in at Broadwater Tourist Park from 1st Feb.

This will work out very well for me as I have over 25,000 photos sitting in my photobucket account and each photo has to be moved onto my one drive and the code for each photo has to be manually changed. It is and will be an absolute time consuming pain the bum.

Talk to you in Feb, hopefully our hole in the ground will be closer to finishing.


A pictorial of Mum's life.


It really sinks in, when you see our Bubble in Qld.
We have definitely moved to Qld.

Mon 13th November - shows where our apartment will be.
The workman is standing on our balcony.

Wed 6th September - taken from 2nd floor balcony.

Time-lapse photos of our new Apartment.
as at Mon 18th December 2017.


Welcome to our little piece of the WWW.
Here you can follow our trips around Australia,
view our photos and send us a comment.

Welcome to our first Grandson
Click here for a pictorial of Mason's life.


This year's sojourn was to visit our boys and their families on the Gold Coast,
which we have done yearly since 2008.
We spent most of our time at Broadwater Tourist Park,
so we visited our grandkids frequently. That will change.

It's 7:30am Wed 11th October 2017.

Some highlights of living at Lukeys.

Living with Lukey and Jo - (Days 147 - 154) - 15th to 22nd September 2017

Snakes, I have met while riding.

Our 2017 Adventures.

1. Our 2017 trip Summary.
2. 2017 Trip Weather details.


Highlight of last year's trip was Birdsville.
We arrived in Birdsville on Friday 13th May 2016 at 1:15pm.
The Birdsville scenery exceeded our wildest expectations.
It was absolutely spectacular.

We are still living our Dream.

Yippee, we got there.

Marg in Birdsville.

Me in Birdsville and "NO" I didn't push the sign over.

Day 35 - Fri 13th May 2016 - Birdsville.



Our 2016 Adventures.

1. Our 2016 trip Summary.
2. 2016 Trip Weather details.
3. Bevin and Laurel's beautiful Harley Trike.
4. Snakes, I have met while riding.
13rd January 2016 - Tassie Boat damaged.

Our 2015 Adventures.

1. Our 2015 trip Summary.
2. 2015 Trip Weather details.
2015. My S.S. Dicky page.
2015 Gold Coast Xcat Power boats.
2015 Bullrush Rally.
2015 Qld Corvettes.

All of our Adventures.

1. List of ALL of our Adventures.
2. Frosty's Fossicking Frolics.
3. Our 2011 lap of Oz with all details.
4. Mum and Dad's house burnt down
on Sat 9th Aug 2014.

5. Jodi and Lukey's wedding - 6th April 2014.

Our Completed 2016 Route.

9th April to 25th September 2016.
Total distance travelled towing our fiver: 8,417kms.

We wanted to visit Birdsville this year (and did).

The following map shows places that we stayed.

For further info - Click on Yellow Name box
This takes you directly to that Day's report.

2. Horsham 3. Hahndorf 4. Port Augusta 5. Woomera 6. Coober Pedy 7. Marla 8. Erldunda 9. Alice 10. Gemtree 11. Ti Tree 12. Wycliffe Well 13. Barkly Homestead 14. Camooweal 15. Mt Isa 16. Boulia 17. Bedourie 18. Boulia 19. Birdsville 20. Boulia 21. Winton 22. Barcaldine 23. Emerald 24. Gracemere 25. Scarness 26. Broadwater 27. Dicky Beach 28. Broadwater 29. Croki CP 30. Goulburn Sth CP 31. Wangaratta


My cycling Section.

I rode 10,122kms in 2015. A record for me.
I plan to ride whenever I can.

My cycling adventures.

Januiary 2017 - Just enjoying riding again.


Saturday - 25th June 2016 - 10:56am
I have finally got George landing on water. Now to get a sharper photo.
Taken at the Broadwater Tourist Park boat ramp.


4th July 2014 - Beautiful Sunrise at St George. It was cold at 1.9°.


  Georges - Frontpage
Georges wanted to make my front page. Can you pick out the smartarse.
There is always one in every group.
I think this is my best photo of George and his mates.

Broadwater - Frontpage
And you wonder why we love staying at the Broadwater Tourist Park, Southport
Another beautiful morning in Paradise - Monday 13th August 2012 at 7:15am.



Dedicated to Lazza.


Our beautiful Lazza
(16-5-1996 to 29-4-2008).

Cyril - Frontpage
Cyril the croc
Marg gave up trying to stop Cyril from biting.

Our Rig - Frontpage
Our Rig
2007 Nissan Navara STX 6spd man TD
towing 2007 Trailblazers RV 24ft 5th Wheeler.

George and Cyril - Frontpage
First time that Cyril met George,
it didn't go that well for George.








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